Everything you need to know about omaha 8 poker!

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Website Reviews

Strategy Sites

  • 2+2
    Strategy and discussion forums on poker. The very best out there, and a fantastic way to improve your play and understanding. Post your own hands for comment and feedback using bison's converter. Read posts from "Buzz", who is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful posters out there.
  • Daniel Negreanu's site
    They now have a discussion forum devoted only to Omaha, so you can find O8 and PLO8 hands discussed.
  • Hutchinson's O8 point count system
    Good system for determining how strong a given O8 hand is pre-flop. Another math-statistical guy ran lots of simulations to determine what the best hands were, and then assigned points to the hands based on characteristics like having AA or having suited cards. Helpful for beginners to get an idea of how strong hands are, but keep in mind its pretty simplistic and doesn't take into account position, pot odds, short-handed vs. multi-way, etc.
  • Steve Badger's website
    Some excellent articles to help you get grounded on how to think about various Omaha games. He also has several years worth of old posts/comments from RPG here
  • Annie Duke's articles at Ultimate Bet.
    She has about 7 articles up at their site on Limit Omaha Hi-Low. Well worth a read since she won a WSOP bracelet in this event in 2004.
  • Pokerlistings.com
    Click on the "poker strategy" tab at the right to see 3 good O8 articles: Basic Strategy, Starting hands, and Overplaying AAxx, and a longer article below on General Strategy.
  • Low Limit Omaha
    Very good intro site on playing low-limit Omaha. Well worth a read.
  • Bet-the-Pot
    Has a couple of very good O8 articles.
  • CardPlayer Magazine
    Reasonable articles on all sorts of poker. Most article are too short and simplistic, but you can find some good stuff in there. In particular, Lou Kreiger's articles on starting hands, Mike Cappelletti's articles on O8 in general, and more recently Mark Gregorich's articles on specific hands are good.
  • WinningOnlinePoker
    Good articles on O8 and PLO8 play.

Poker Shows/Videos

  • Rounders
    Pro poker player and Omaha/8 expert Adam Schwartz hosts a weekly radio show talking about poker, and runs a site with some articles and other cool stuff. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Cardrunners
    High-stakes NL cash game player Taylor Caby offers videos+commentary for sale. Great for NL play.
  • Stoxpoker
    High limit HE and NL player Stoxtrader has a website and offers videos+commentary for sale
  • Live@TheBike
    Bart and Dave do commentary just like HighStakesPoker on TV. Except they do it much better and have guest commentators like Barry Greenstein. $15/month and well worth it.

Computer Software Sites

  • Pokertracker
    Software to track all aspects of your play. Great stuff.
  • PokerAceSoftware
    Takes all your Pokertracker data and superimposes it over the tables while you play. Great stuff.
  • Wilson Turbo Omaha Hi-Low
    Software lets you play against computer opponents in O8 games. You can also run simulations for various hands. This software was the basis of Bill Boston's book, and Hutchinson's point count system. Note: I have not used this software, but its simulations as posted by others at 2+2 are a valuable tool for analyzing hands and play. The online games are so soft these days though that you're better off playing live opponents than computer simulations, even as a beginner.


Here are some blogs I like reading
Well Known Pro's Blogs

  • Joe Tall
    Pro player Joe Tall has a blog, forum and offers rakeback and coaching. Great guy.
  • Paul Phillips
    well-know tournament poker player and retired millionaire. Has some very good poker analyses on his blog. And has written some great stuff at RPG here
  • Matt Matros
    WPT final table finisher and author. His journal often has good assessments of Expected Value and how to think about poker situations.
  • Lou Kriger
    This Poker author co-wrote "Winning O8 Poker" and has written for CardPlayer for years
  • Josh Arieh
    The "bad-guy" from Greg Raymer's tourney win in the WSOP. A pro player and bracelet winner.
  • Rolf Slotboom
    Has a mish-mash of strategy articles, tourney reports and other stuff. His main game is Omaha High, but has some O8 stuff occasionally.
  • Andy Bloch
    He's an MIT grad, former pro blackjack card counter, WPT final-tablist and pro player. Has a discussion forum too.

Pro Player's Blogs

  • TwentyOneOuts Twice
    Chris Fargis is a pro player who writes great stuff
  • threebet33
    Eric is a pro, plays big stakes and writes some entertaining stuff.
  • Lion Tales
    Richard Brodie writes an entertaining journal on higher-stakes tourney play
  • Chris Halverson
    Pro player writes about stuff
  • Interesting amateur's blogs
  • Law School Dropout
    TeddyFBI plays lots of Limit Holdem and some NL, and writes lots of good stuff about it.
  • N 82 50 24
    Nat Arem created the pokerdb and writes interesting stuff
  • Ansky Blog
    Ansky was a former tourney donk who saw the light and converted to cash games. Good man.
  • A Fool and His Money
    Good stuff.
  • Extreme Tilt
    Good stuff.
  • Sound of a Suckout
    Good stuff.
  • Doubleas
    Good stuff.
  • The Grind
    Good stuff.
  • Big Dave D's Blog
    Dave plays very high Omaha High games and keeps a nice journal about it.
  • Shot Takers
    Beset and TheRempel write about PLO and NL games and post on the 2+2 PLO boards
  • Felicia Lee
    Plays lots of Limit O8.
  • Multi-Table Tourney player's blogs
  • Shaniac
    Shane Schleger finished at at a final table in a WPT event and posts at 2+2
  • MLG
    Michael Goodman posts at 2+2 as MLG and is one of the best Multi-Table Tourney (MTT) players around.
  • Sirio
    David Cossio is a former math professor, pro player, WSOP final tablist and 2+2 poster. Excellent MTT player.

NL player's blogs

  • TillerMan
    Ian Girdwood plays some of the highest NL ring games around
  • Bad Moon Rising
    Thomas Fuller plays the NL 2k games and writes about it

A number of other well-known players like Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, Eric Lindgren and others have sites, but for the most part, I don't think they offer much in general, and certainly nothing on O8.

Math of Poker

  • Poker Digest articles
    Math professors lays out the combinatorics behind lots of poker situations in 100 different articles.
  • Dr. Math site
    The math behind lots of poker questions, geared for high-schoolers (so it's j-u-s-t my speed, baby)
  • 2+2
    Check the probability forum to ask your math questions.
  • Hand rankings vs. a range
    You've got AT and want to know how you'll do vs. an opponent playing his top 15% of hands? Read these.
  • More rankings

Misc Poker Links

  • Mike Caro University
    Lots of articles on poker in general, and some good tables on odds for Holdem poker
  • Poker Mods from Chiplitre.com
    Software that simplifies the user interface on Party Poker software (removes the tables and dealer, etc.). I'm using this and like it.
  • PokerMods.com
    Software that changes the background colors and patterns on PartyPoker software. Similar to PokerMods.
  • Pokerwire
    News and updates about poker tournaments
  • BonusWhores.
    The latest on which sites offer temporary reload bonuses
  • Part-time Poker
    Don't know much about this, but looked interesting. Seems to have articles and stuff.
  • The Gambler's Bookstore
    Books on all types of gambling, and the place to find the impossible-to-find-books (like Boston's and most of Ciaffone's books). Alternatively, use Fetchbook to find the cheapest online retailer for books for the more common books.
  • PocketFives.com
    A site devoted to online tournaments. It focuses on Holdem, but also occasionally has some Omaha tourneys discussed.
  • Bluff Magazine.
    A competitor to CardPlayer, but doesn't seem to have any O8 content at all.
  • Get an Omaha T-Shirt!
    And something for fun...Check out these Omaha-themed T-shirts by a 2+2er!

Pot Limit Omaha 8/b Links

This game is the closest cousin to Limit O8. But sadly, there just aren't any real sites or books available on this game. Ray Zee and Bob Ciaffones' "Omaha Holdem" both offer a few comments, and Steve Badger has some useful thoughts, but after that there just isn't much info available. Here are the best links

  • 2+2
    Same link as above. The O8 Forum there has quite a few PLO8 posts these days. Wintermute, Ribbo, JoshuaMayes (when he posts), emptyshell and I (gergery) all give decent advice
  • Ribbo.com
    Ribbo has some hand histories, a PLO8 forum, a prickly personality, and a great understanding of PLO8
  • Winning On-line Poker
    Has a great article on PLO8
  • Steve Badger's
    Has a great article covering key principles for PLO8 play, including bet-ability, 3/4ing, and freerolls.

Omaha High Links

These have nothing to do with O8, but sometimes I get frustrated folding so much and go looking for a game where i can gambool it up. That game is Omaha High, which is truly the action-loving maniac's game of choice. So if you're bored, read up so you don't lose your shirt in this monstrously high-variance form of poker.