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PLO8 Hand 4: Mistakes with A2xx

$200 PL Omaha Hi/Lo - a Monday in July
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 1: Villain ( $143.9 )
Seat 2: amanager ( $334.31 )
Seat 3: Hero ( $390.5 )
Seat 4: xhatt ( $115.89 )
Seat 8: TooTall_Pete ( $78.18 )
Seat 9: chillag ( $213.45 )
Seat 10: Banbury_Boy ( $145.75 )
Seat 6: PeKaNi ( $145.77 )
Seat 7: lucky4liife ( $198 )
Loosey McGoose posts small blind [$1].
Hero posts big blind [$2].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Hero [ A Q 7 A ]
xhatt folds.
PeKaNi folds.
lucky4liife folds.
TooTall_Pete folds.
chillag folds.
Banbury_Boy folds.
Villain calls [$2].
Loosey McGoose raises [$5].
Hero raises [$18].
Villain calls [$18].
amanager folds.

I have an excellent hand with AAQ7ds, and am a favorite heads up vs. any hand except AA with a better low. Here, I am hoping that Villain folds and SB calls, so I will get paid on a strong hand, be up against just 1 opponent.

** Dealing Flop ** [ Q, 6, 4 ]
Hero bets [$43.7].
Villain calls [$43.7].

This is a below average flop for me, but very playable. I should be ahead of most hands here, so I bet out hoping to take it down right here. I am representing A2 with alittle something, so he should be willing to fold a fair number of hands, and since I have only an overpair and a weak low, I'm happy if he folds. My weak A7 for low is significantly better when going up against one opponent rather than two on this type of flop. I'm not so happy when he calls me, as it means he definitely has A2, and likely something else.

** Dealing Turn ** [ Q ]
Hero bets [$80].
Villain calls $80 and is all-In.

The Q gives me top trips and is obviously a very good card for me. I am only behind to 66 or 44 here and if I am up against that I have ~6 outs for high.

** Dealing River ** [ 9 ]
Hero shows [ A, Q, 7, A ] three of a kind, queens.
Villain doesn't show [ 2, A, J, 2 ] two pairs, queens and twos.
Hero wins $290.8 from the main pot with three of a kind, queens.

My opponent played this hand horribly. First, he needs to correctly evaluate his hand. PLO8 is about scooping, and his hand will rarely scoop. He basically needs a wheel, or perhaps two low cards and a J to feel good on the flop. Even if he hits a 2 for a set, its bottom set and puts a low card on the board and he can't win low. Preflop: So when it's checked around to him, he should either call hoping to see a cheap flop, or raise hoping to win the blinds uncontested and hoping for a low flop to salvage something. On the Flop: He has no chance at all for high, and needs 16 cards to hit low. But winning low when heads up means he will get half of the existing pot, which is $21.85. And that is the most he can win on this hand, barring some freaky high accident. He ends up putting $120 at risk on the turn and river combined to try and win $21.85.

So, What our lesson here?

  1. a bare A2 is not a good hand. It a good start towards a good hand, but just a start.
  2. PLO8 is always about scooping. If you need lots of help to scoop, then your hand is not very good.