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Hand 7: The Promo Raise

$3/$6 Omaha Hi/Lo - A Tuesday in March
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: ( $155.5 )
Seat 2: ( $143 )
Seat 3: ( $210 )
Seat 4: ( $116.75 )
Seat 5: ( $238.6 )
Seat 6: ( $172.3 )
Seat 7: ( $148 )
Seat 8: ( $184.6 )
Seat 7 posts small blind [$1].
Seat 8 posts big blind [$3].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Hero [J, 3, A, 5 ]
Seat 1 calls [$3]
Seat 2 folds
Hero calls [$3]
Seat 4 calls [$3]
Seat 5 folds
Seat 6 calls [$3]
Seat 7 (SB) completes [$2]
Seat 8 (BB) checks

I call with a good but not great hand. A3s alone is enough to call, and the 5 provides significant strength primarily as a backup for low, but also makes 3 potential straight draws (A3, 35, A5) possible where before there was only 1 (A3). Having the J helps a fair bit if I'm up against A2xx hands where xx are low.

** Dealing Flop ** [ J, 5, 7 ] pot=$18

SB checks,
BB checks,
UTG bets [$3], pot=$21
Hero raises [$6]

We've got top and bottom pair (J5) and the second nut low draw (A3). But the board is dangerous with both low draw, flush draw, and 1-gap (75) and 3-gap (J7) straight draws. So my primary objective here is to limit the field, so my hand has a chance to hold up for high. And importantly, my raise can offer just bad enough odds to callers that they should be folding here.

My raise here puts $27 in the pot, so someone calling another $6 makes a $33 pot. So they don't have odds to call now.

MP2 folds,
Button folds,
SB folds,
BB folds,
UTG calls [$3].

Everyone folds back to me, which is great. But what if they had a good hand and stayed, aren't I in trouble then? No!

Take a look at what Hero's equity is here vs. a weak A2 draw and the nutflushdraw with weak low. I am clearly ahead:

As Js 5s 3h 0.411 Hero
Ts Ac 5d 2d 0.339 vs. A2 + weak pair
9s Ah Kh 4h 0.251 vs. Axs with no low

We split the pot. And my promo raise is very likely to have knocked out someone who had bad odds, but who would have outdrawn my high.