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Hand 2: Expected Value, or Decide Based on His Range of Hands, Not What you're Afraid He Might Have

$10/$20 Omaha Hi/Lo - Friday, June 17
Table Table 27302 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Hero ( $580 )
Seat 8: Villain ( $807.63 )
Seat 3: Fishy ( $708.75 )
Seat 10: Tighty ( $727 )
Seat 5: Normal ( $550.06 )
Seat 9: SuperRock ( $499 )
Seat 2: RandomGuy1 ( $456 )
Seat 4: TightyMcTight ( $460 )
Seat 6: RandomGuy2 ( $460 )
Seat 7: Somedude ( $473.25 )
SB [$5].
BB [$10].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Hero [ A 6 T 2 ]
Villain calls [$10].
2 folds
Hero calls [$10].
RandomGuy1 calls [$10].
3 folds
RandomGuy 2 completes
RandomGuy3 checks.

So I have a nice hand: A2 suited is the best feature and playable on its own. Then I have the emergency backup low card, the 6, which helps some, and then some random stuff which is better than nothing but doesn't help alot -- suited to the T, and some 3-gapper straights. I'm looking for clubs and lows here.

I decide to call rather than raise preflop for several reasons: 1) My hand is good in a short-handed field, but excellent against a larger field, so I want others to stay in, 2) There are two tight players after me, who I didn't want to fold.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 5, 3, K ] pot=$45
Villain checks
Hero checks
RG1 checks
RG2 checks
RG3 checks

Hero can bet this for value, but with a large field, I will need to hit my gutshot or low to make money, and if I do I don't want anyone to have folded. So I decide to play it a little bit deceptively. I probably lose a little bit of value on the flop, but it improves the chances everyone stays in and gives me some deception for the bigger bet streets.

** Dealing Turn ** [ T]
2 checks
Hero bets [$20].
2 folds
Villain calls [$20].
1 fold

I still have very little, but apparently so do my opponents. Since no one bet the flop, I figure my T might be good, and I have 4 gutshot outs plus another 12 low outs and might yet catch two pair. One benefit of not betting the flop is that my opponents are now getting ~3:1 odds instead of ~5:1, so they should fold more hands here.

** Dealing River ** [ 4 ]
Villain bets [$20].

Here is the crux of the hand -- what should hero do? I have the nut low and a straight, but the flush hit and Villain has bet out.

Hero raises [$40].
Villain calls [$20].

Here is the crux of poker --making EV+ decisions. We simply need to ask, "Are we more likely to scoop/3/4 our opponent here, or are we more likely to be 3/4 here". At first glance, it seems as though Villain "must" have the flush. But his range of hands makes it more likely we're ahead here - he can have lows, weaker flushes, a weak low plus some weak high, or a bluff. But to have us 3/4 he would need to have A2+a flush.

Villain doesn't show [ J , A , 5 , 4 ] two pairs, fives and fours.
Hero wins $81 from the main pot with a straight, two to six.
Hero wins Lo ($81) from the main pot with 5,4,3,2,A.


  1. Don't think about what your opponent COULD have that would hurt you. Instead, think about what RANGE OF HANDS your opponent could have in a situation.