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Welcome to O8poker.com

This site is devoted to Omaha Poker, and everything about it. Everything you need to learn, play, and win at Omaha 8/b poker.

I'm Greg, and I created this site because there didn't seem to be enough good information out there on Omaha 8/b. I'm hoping you'll find the information useful as you go about winning in the Omaha 8/b games.

This is one of the most profitable times in the history of poker to be playing Omaha 8/b.

Most of you are probably aware of the huge profit potential that internet poker has created over the last 5-7 years. You can find games any time of day or night, play multiple tables at once.

It’s not as obvious that enormous changes to poker have benefited Omaha 8b much more than other games.

Consider this:

Players are shifting from other games towards Omaha 8/b. As much more information has become available on how to play poker in general through books and online training sites, it has squeezed the profits from the traditional Hold’em games. Players have migrated to other games in search of easier opponents.

It’s become harder for the casual player to get good at Omaha 8/b. Information on how to play Omaha/b has actually become less accessible. First, because the most common games available have shifted to 6-max games and almost all of the information written on Omaha 8/b focuses on live, full-ring play. Second, there have been zero books published in the last 3 years that focus exclusively on Omaha 8/b available in bookstores.

But it’s become easier for the dedicated player to improve – and that’s you. An excellent internet book is now available from Dan Deppen, and online resources are available at propokertools and DeucesCracked. And this site offers one of the fastest ways to improve – personalized Coaching.

Importantly, there isn’t too much information available to dedicated players. The application of computers to Hold’em and the availability of internet books from top experts has squeezed much of the profits out of the games for even expert players.

Finally, the outlook for Omaha 8/b looks good for the future. The nature of the game with 4 cards being dealt makes it look like you can play more hands, giving weaker players false hope. Artificial intelligence programs are much harder to develop for Omaha/b poker, both due to the vast complexity with four cards dealt and the lower profit potential from having fewer games available than in Holdem. Legislation has even been proposed in the U.S. Congress that would allow more poker sites to serve the U.S. market, which would provide significant grow to the market. In short, the evolving poker landscape has made it more profitable than ever.

There is no better time to make money playing Omaha 8/b than now!

-Greg, Omaha poker addict,

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